Introduction to Sociology course

Chapter 8. Groups

To which groups do you belong? How important are groups to you? Sociologists have long recognized that the theme of social relations entails more than the study of networks. The study of social relations also includes examination of group formation and intergroup relations. People belong to groups; they have group affiliations and identities. In this meeting, we will discuss the key sociological theories, concepts and findings on groups.


Ch. 8 Overview
Ch. 8.2Group segregation
Ch. 8.3The causes of group segregation
Ch. 8.6Group threat theory

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Additional chapter resources

  • In-group favoritism: a nice introductory video on Social Identity Theory and the Minimal Group Paradigm (here).
  • Group Threat Theory: watch this great mini documentary on the classic and controversial Robbers Cave Experiment, and also this short one with lots of original photos and recordings.