Introduction to Sociology course

Chapter 12. Modernization

Do you think the world is getting worse? Is crime on the rise and is the world becoming less safe? In this meeting we will address long-term changes in human societies.



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Additional chapter resources

  • Wealth and Health: Watch this informative and engaging video on poverty from Prof. Hans Rosling, who could present statistical data like no one else could.
  • Peace and Safety: In his 1000+ pages book, The Better Angles of Our Nature (2011), Prof. Steven Pinker argued that violence has declined in history. Watch this video, in which he presents the highlights of his book. But, you may argue, are his 2011 claims still valid in light of recent conflicts, such as the war in Syria? Read this piece, in which he reflects on this question. Want to have more recent data? Our World in Data provides, as always, great statistics on homicide, war and peace.
  • Scientization of society: Education is rapidly diffusing in the world. To check these trends, go here or here.
  • McDonaldization of society: Watch this instructional video.