Introduction to Sociology course

Chapter 7. Networks

Who do you regard as your best friends? How important are your friends and other social connections for your well-being, trust and for enforcing norms? These are questions about social networks. In the past decades, sociology has witnessed a tremendous increase in research on social networks. The aim of this meeting is to introduce you to this literature.


Ch. 7 OverviewSocial networks
Ch. 7.2Personal networks
Ch. 7.4 Network density and transitivity
Ch. 7.5The small-world phenomenon
Ch. 7.8

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Additional chapter resources

  • Friendship paradox: learn more about this counterintuitive fact and why it matters in this great video.
  • Personal networks: Why should we care about networks? Well, watch this video on why networks impact the spread of epidemics (here).
  • Networks and social capital: the hidden influence of social networks explained by Prof. Christakis (here).