Introduction to Sociology course

Chapter 6. Norms

Why is binge drinking so common among university students? In this meeting, we will study binge drinking as a cultural phenomenon, as something that is driven by norms. The main aim of the meeting is to introduce you to key concepts, theories and findings on norms.


Ch. 6 OverviewNorms
Ch. 6.6 Why do norms emerge?
Ch. 6.7Cultural maladaptation and norm change
Ch. 6 (Appendix)What is game theory?
Ch. 6 (Appendix)The Prisoner’s Dilemma

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Additional chapter resources

  • What are Social norms? Watch this video from Prof. Thomas Grund (and try not to laugh!).
  • Why do Norms emerge? Watch these instructive videos on the Prisoner’s Dilemma (here and here), and on the Tragedy of the Commons (here and here).
  • Cultural maladaptation and norm change: watch these videos on: when Sweden switched to driving on the right (here), the bystander effect (here).
  • On Dynamics of group distinction: watch these videos on Elias and the Civilizing Process (here), and on Bourdieu and distinction (here).