Introduction to Sociology course – SOC 101

1. Questions

Science starts with curiosity, with raising questions about what’s happening and why. Questions are at the very beginning of any research, and the kind of questions scientists ask more or less defines their discipline. There are many different scientific disciplines, however, such as physics, biology, psychology, anthropology and sociology. So what sort of questions, then, do sociologists ask? We therefore begin this course with sociological questions: what they are, what makes good questions and how they differ from questions in other disciplines.


  • Introduction to Sociology, Chapter 1 (Questions)


I recorded short videos (3-7 min.), in which I explain several key concepts/topics/theories of each chapter of the textbook. So in case you don’t fully understand these parts after reading the chapter, or just don’t like to read a lot :), then take a look at these videos. Just click on the YouTube link for the English or Dutch version. I hope you find it useful!

Ch. 1
Ch. 1.1What is the Sociological Perspective?
Ch. 1.5The art of asking (good) sociological questions

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