Introduction to Sociology course – SOC 101

9. Stratification and Mobility

What are your chances of getting a good job after finishing your education? Do your parents play a role in your chances of success in education and the labor market? These are questions about inequality and in meeting, we will take a closer look at two subthemes of inequality, namely social stratification and social mobility. This chapter’s objective is to introduce you to some important concepts, empirical patterns and theories.


  • Introduction to Sociology, Chapter 9 (Stratification and Mobility)


I recorded short videos (3-7 min.), in which I explain several key concepts/topics/theories of each chapter of the textbook. So in case you don’t fully understand these parts after reading the chapter, or just don’t like to read a lot :), then take a look at these videos. Just click on the YouTube link for the English or Dutch version. I hope you find it useful!

Ch. 9 OverviewStratification and mobility
Ch. 9.6Ascription and achievement
Ch. 9.7Modernization and mobility theory
Ch. 9.8Cultural reproduction theory

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