Syllabi for textbook Introduction to Sociology

Courses that have used some or all of the textbook Introduction to Sociology (Routledge, 2020). Feel free to use these syllabi for designing your own course.

(More syllabi coming soon!)


  • Introduction to Sociology. Undergraduate course (7.5 ECTS) at University College Utrecht (Netherlands). Taught by Lucas Drouhot & Frank van Tubergen (syllabus).
  • Introduction to the Social Sciences. Undergraduate course (7.5 ECTS) at Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance, Utrecht University (Netherlands). Taught by Irene van de Vijver & Marleen Damman (syllabus).


  • Inleiding Sociologie. Undergraduate course (7.5 ECTS) at Faculty of Social Sciences, Utrecht University (Netherlands). Taught by Frank van Tubergen (syllabus).


  • Sociología. Undergraduate course at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Taught by María Sánchez-Domínguez (syllabus).


  •  Grundzüge der Soziologie I. Undergraduate course at University of Leipzig. Taught by Marc Keuschnigg. (syllabus)